About Us

Skippy’s Burger Bar is a locally and family-owned business that was founded in 1997. Run by Ken & Jan Kucharski, residents of Thiensville, and their son, Brett, Skippy’s looks to provide delicious meals and exceptional dining experiences for all our guests. Skippy’s was rebranded in 2017 at Skippy’s Burger Bar (previously Skippy’s Sports Pub) to put an emphasis on the amazing burgers and other delicious food offerings available and encourage couples, families, and friends to come in and enjoy the full menu instead of just drinks.

We’re dedicated to providing enjoyable meals that you’ll absolutely love, and burgers are our passion. Without customers like you, our business would never survive. That’s why we’re happy to say “thank you” to everyone who gives us their business and support. We’re extremely thankful for our loyal customers.

Visit Skippy’s Burger Bar where you’ll always be treated like family. Warm smiles, welcome greetings and an unforgettable meal are our biggest promises.